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School teacher: 'I won't be getting Covid-19 jab'

19:00, Oct 15 2021

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Coronavirus: Unvaccinated teacher stood down for a year with no pay reacts to Government scrapping mandate

18:39, Nov 15 2021.  LINK to article 

'Mandate injured' teacher supporting High Court action

16:27, Mar 02 2022

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Covid-19 vaccine mandate a 'colonisation of the body', teachers' group says

15:40, Mar 04 2022

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Teachers 'still in limbo' despite vaccine mandates being lifted

17:43, Mar 23 2022

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Unvaxed teachers still being rejected by some schools, support group says

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Other News Articles Relevant to Education Staff

3 March 2022

Education and health sector staff launch fresh High Court challenge to vaccination mandates.

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9 November 2021

Some doctors, midwives and teachers challenge having to get a Covid jab

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7 March 2022

Covid-19: Northlander helping spearhead legal challenge on education vaccine mandates

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16 November 2021

COVID-19: Unvaccinated Canterbury teacher 'soul-destroyed' after being stood down, calls jab mandate a 'human rights issue'.

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In front of Education Offices

12 October 2021

Coronavirus: Union warns anti-vax teachers they shouldn't expect to keep their jobs if they're not willing to keep students safe.

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24 August 2022

In Australia:

Plan to dock unvaccinated Queensland teachers' pay 'about punishment'.

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1 March 2022

'Injured Teachers' and the NZ High Court

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14 August 2022

Liz Gunn interview with Rachael and Mike.

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